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Data protection- not so complicated
The following is a short, comprehensible overview of how your data is collected and processed. For a detailed explanation, please see our Privacy Policy.

We collect the following data:

How we collect your data:

The data collected during a visit to our website is collected automatically, if necessary through the use of cookies. This also applies to the data collected during use of the newsletter.

Otherwise, we only collect the data on the basis of your information that you enter on our website, in the relevant entry forms. Wherever this is the case, you will find a link to the specific data protection policy on the form.

What we use your data for:

We also use your data

You have the following rights:

These data protection notes provide a compact overview. The full information can be found in the detailed version.

We have appointed an external Data Protection Officer to safeguard your rights and ensure that processing is legally permissible. His contact details are as follows:

Marco Weber
gds – Gesellschaft für Datenschutz Mittelhessen mbH
datenschutz (at)
Telephone: 06421 / 870413-10