Automotive – Assembly

Do you need load carriers for your final assembly? Here you can find a small excerpt of our range of services here. We have already implemented the following container, transport, and storage racks as customised solutions for our customers. Come see our capabilities for yourself!

Engine Carrier Rack

Very strong and resilient carrier rack for truck engines, suitable for roller conveyors, quick engine fastening thanks to its pop-up locks

Axle Shaft Rack

Stable rack for mounting axles, high manufacturing accuracy for robot removal, optimum protection thanks to plastic rails

Rack for Washing Drive Shafts

Transport Rack for Lorry Fan

Walk-in access and foldable

Glass Transport Rack

Simple and efficient way to transport and store glass panes

Transport Rack for Lorry Windscreen

Transport Rack for Lorry Interior Door Lining

Long-lasting and universally-usable; damage to transport goods is prevented thanks to special plastic inserts; dust-free since it is fully sealable

Rack for Transporting Window Regulator Modules

can be sealed dust-free, all parts are clamped with a central lock, high packing density

Transport Rack for Lorry Cooler Units

Transport Rack for Climate Condensers

with milled polyurethane rails for play-free mounting of cargo

Transport Rack for Spoiler

Foam lining protects against scratching

Transport Rack for Auto Door Seal

Dust and damage-free transport and storage thanks to dimensionally-accurate toothed strips and precise-closure plastic cover

Transport Rack for Engine Components

Container for Sill

made of round steel with a PVC-coated lock and stainless-steel mountings

Container for Door (3-Door)

made of bonded blank with plastic mountings and spring latches

 Would you like to learn more? Get in touch with us – we look forward to hearing from you!