Schneider Transport- und Lagerbehälter – The Specialist for Lattice Boxes, Universal and Spacial Load Carriers

We, the Schneider Transport- und Lagerbehälter company, specialise in developing, designing, and producing tailor-made transport and storage containers. As the leading German manufacturer of lattice boxes, our production has been of the utmost quality for more than 50 years. We produce lattice boxes and universal load carriers designed for universal use along with tailor-made transport and storage containers in all dimensions and surfaces for companies in demanding industry sectors such as the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering, logistics branch, and equipment technology. 

Our two locations in Breidenbach-Oberdieten (Hessen) and Kelheim-Thalford (Bavaria) guarantee you short delivery distances and quick delivery times. Over 1,000 lattice boxes are produced there daily, and up to 350 racks are repaired or modified for new operating conditions. As an EPAL-certified company, we stand for “Made in Germany” quality and consistently-high quality standards.

Facts and figures

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