Mission Statement

As an owner-managed, second-generation company, we have worked according to the following principles for over 50 years.

Customer Satisfaction

You, the customer, are always the focus of our thoughts and actions, because your trust in us is the basis for our existence. You set the standards for quality, technology, and service.

To your benefit, we look for new concepts and forward-looking technologies without neglecting proven solutions and methods.

Our specially-equipped order centre ensures quick and precise order processing and the highest level of flexibility in case of product changes.

High Quality

We give great importance to quality management, because we wish to offer you consistent quality in our products and services – and gladly exceed your expectations.

We also expect this from our business partners.

By selecting and continuously evaluating capable suppliers, we ensure consistently-high procurement quality.

Satisfied Employees

Our consistent level of service quality can only be achieved with motivated employees who are willing to perform, see themselves as important members of this company, and whose competencies are systematically developed.

This is why we encourage and assist our employees in completing tasks in a responsible, independent, and economical manner.

At Schneider, we feel it is important to create a work climate that promotes trustful collaboration through communication and information.

And this is passed on to our customers as well.